• Usage: Koshian
    Smooth sweet bean paste
  • Usage: Tsubuan
    Mashed sweet bean paste
  • Usage: Yokan
    a sweet dessert jelly made using Anko

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Our taste
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Kinoshitaseian manufactures original Anko and Yokan products with flavor, sugar content, and hardness based on customers’ preferences.

The smallest lot starts from 80 kg (net weight: 300 g–1 kg) for bean paste and 2,000 packs for 50-g Yokan.
Note: Please feel free to contact us if your desired lot is less than our predetermined lot.

  • Case 1. Hong Kong

    Bean paste products with low sugar content were developed for geppei (mooncake).

  • Case 2. UK

    Small-volume packages of Anko were developed for restaurant use.

  • Case 3. Europe

    We designed a 50-g original package of Yokan for retail sales.

We aim to manufacture the highest-quality products according to customers’ needs.
We look forward to hearing from you.



Kinoshitaseian produces tailor-made products based on customers’ preferences (taste, sweetness, number of lots, packaging, etc.).

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