About ANKO

What is ANKO?

Anko is a traditional Japanese bean paste made by adding sugar to beans.
Yokan is a Japanese confectionery made by hardening bean paste with agar.
These products are made from plant-based ingredients, such as beans, sugar, yuzu, and sweet potato.

About raw materials

Based on our belief that “High-quality products are made from high-quality ingredients,” We avoid using additives as much as possible to produce the best products and retain the deliciousness of the ingredients for our customers to enjoy.

How to use

Anko has a wide variety of uses, e.g., in Japanese desserts, pastries, cakes, drinks, etc. Additionally, Anko also goes well with fruits and dairy products, and its deliciousness can be enjoyed even when combined with various ingredients.

  • Dorayaki

  • Strawberry mochi

  • Japanese parfait

  • Sakuramochi

  • Anko butter sand

  • Matcha cake

  • Matcha drink

  • Shaved ice

  • Dango


Kinoshitaseian produces tailor-made products based on customers’ preferences (taste, sweetness, number of lots, packaging, etc.).

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