About Kinoshitaseian

Kinoshitaseian is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of Anko and Yokan, which was founded in 1931.
We deliver our products to more than 200 customers mainly in Saitama.

Passion for Anko

  • High-quality products are made from high-quality ingredients.
  • The flavor of the ingredients is fully brought out by our long-established craftsmanship.
  • We strictly adhere to HACCP-based hygiene management.

Our taste

Bringing the charm of traditional Japanese anko to people all over the world!
We have assembled the following ideas as a description of ''our taste''.

  • Our taste
    The taste of Kinoshita craftsmen, continuously refined since our founding
  • With customers
    Tastes that we create together with our customers, including at Japanese-style confectionary shops, bakeries, and restaurants
  • With farmers
    Tastes that we create alongside farmers, working with care and attention
  • With life
    Enjoying anko and creating memories with family
  • With the Japanese culture
    Preserving and passing on Japanese traditions through the taste of Kinoshita bean paste

With the above ideas as our foundation, we aim to bring the unique appeal of our anko to people across the world and
pass it on to future generations.

History of Kinoshitaseian

Founder 1931-
After graduating from elementary school, the founder, Ginsaku Kinoshita, worked at a maker of sweet bean paste run by a relative in Osaka. After completing his training, he sought the best site for manufacturing Anko and found a suitable place in Nagano. He moved there and founded KINOSHITASEIAN Co., Ltd in 1931. We closed for business due to World War II; however, after the war, he resumed his business in Omiya (Saitama), which was a lively railway hub.
1973 - 1997
At that time, unsweetened bean paste could not be stored for a long time. Therefore, bean processing was initiated around midnight and finished around 5 a.m. and freshly made Anko was delivered to the customers daily.
Furthermore, a large amount of water was required to manufacture bean paste, and a lot of wastewater was being produced. Therefore, we decided to promote the mechanization of equipment to save water as well as labor costs.
From then, we began Anko and Yokan production in earnest.
To meet the customers’ needs (taste, sweetness, and hardness), the knowledge and experience of the company’s craftsmen were used to create a variety of products.
1998 - to date
Based on the belief that “high-quality products are made from high-quality ingredients,” we deepened its ties with the producers of raw materials and the regions in which they are produced and began selling products made from sweet potato, yuzu, matcha, and red beans produced by designated producers.
At the same time, we has also been focusing on reducing waste by recycling bean husks for use as farmyard compost and providing them to organic farmers.
In 1998, our factory was relocated, and the manufacturing process and facilities were introduced in conformity with the HACCP rules. Furthermore, since we acquired JFS-B Standards certification (corresponding to Japanese HACCP Standards) in 2020, we have endeavored to achieve a more hygienic manufacturing environment while making the most of our craftsmen.


President and CEO
Shinji Kinoshita
4-431-1, Sakuragicho, Omiya ,Saitama, Japan


Kinoshitaseian produces tailor-made products based on customers’ preferences (taste, sweetness, number of lots, packaging, etc.).

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